TermoProfi is the European brand of technologically advanced heat-insulating spacer bars applied in residential and commercial engineering. A combination of high-quality components and innovative manufacturing technology has resulted in a product, which separates thermal power permeation between the building and the surroundings.

In cooperation with scientific research centers and our laboratory, we examine and control the whole manufacturing process. We develop new solutions, and technological innovations, which result in the improvement of our current products as well as next-generation products.

Close relations with our customers, mutual understanding, and customer satisfaction is our priority. Our knowledge of plastic and glass processing, as well as the experience gathered in the window and window glass industry in the European market, allow us and our customers to jointly develop the most advanced technologies of heat-insulating window glass.

Profil dystansowy - ciepla ramka - warm egde spacer - TermoProfi

TermoProfi - Production Building



Why Termoprofi? 

We guarantee partners approach, when it comes to co-operation. We stick to the rule that both sides should mutually benefit from such co-operation. We are an independent manufacturer and never compete with our customers. We are for You.

We offer top quality products and we are open to creation of new products in order to successfully meet the market demand.

We are open to various forms of co-operation. You may aspire to become our technical and commercial advisor or business partner. You are most welcome to co-operate with us.

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