Designing new buildings, we are for ever reaching out for new arrangements that shall meet the legal requirements. Very often do we become aware that this is not the only pre-condition to meet. The Smart and Sustainable Civil Engineering Strategy sets out the prerequisite for ergonomics, ecology, and economics. Energy efficiency in the course of operational use of a building becomes one of the key criteria.

By means of preventing „heat bridges” in the case of windows we may cause thermal power expenditures to be reduced by as much as 10%. The linear conductivity coefficient for conventional aluminium window glass spacers stands at approximately 160 W/m whereas in the case of Termoprofi polymer composite - it is below 0,15W/m.

Center for Innovation Management. Technology Transfer. Warsaw University of Technology

Used Black Termoprofi Standard Warm Edge Spacer

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Used: Termoprofi Standard Warm Edge Spacer

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Termoprofi Standard warm edge spacer

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